NDS 30 Golden Grove St.
Darlington NSW 2008

HBC 50 Charles Street,
Erskineville NSW 2043

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The Darlington Installation Project

Our Gift of Shopfront Art for the People of Newtown:Click Here to go to our DIP Page

The Art of Travel, curated by Tony Twigg- Modern Artwork on display for the Exclusive Enjoyment of Guests

Upstairs Apartment

Puppet and script. 1991, Tony Twigg
Combines a puppet, collaged from found timber, old soft drink crates with elements of the “Stick Story” a self-invented mythology that was enacted and re-enacted in performances, films, paintings and installations. It tells the story of an ethos developed from the random fall of a hand-full of sticks – a metaphor of life’s journey
(Apartment Lounge)

Travelling home 2000 Is reconstructed from a piece that was part of Tony Twigg’s 1998 exhibition at Galleria de la Islas in Manila. The exhibit featured a series of suitcases presented as sculptures and as paintings. The works in the show tracked the beginnings Tony’s relationship with the Philippines and more generally Asia that has become central to both his life and his work.

Souvenir from home Made in Sydney as a companion piece to the Malaysian 15 fish boxes Souvenir from home is made from an old chair picked up in a Redfern back lane. Little more than litter on it’s original form and now reassembled it seems to have acquired a calligraphic quality that has been set, jewel like with a fragment of a Malaysian fish box. Like all abstract art, the work its self is meaningless while poetry of form that it may capture may have a resonance with the viewer provoking, memories, thoughts and ideas specific to the individual considering the work.
(Apartment Kitchenette)

Ground Floor Apartment

B/W Diptych 2004 From a show at the Ray Hughes Gallery after having worked in the Phillipines – moving on from the idea of narrative in Art – local and specific to local concerns to abstraction. Freed from limitations of specific interpretation abstraction can speak across cultures accommodating idiosyncratically different culturally specific interoperations.
(Apartment Den)

Ubu’s Chair Poster: Remembering an Installation at the Performance Space 1986. A collobaration with Script and Voice Over by Lloyd Suttor. [The Chair is now part of The James Baker Collection of Contemporary Australian Art] (Apartment Lounge)

The Waiting Room Poster: Remembering a show at Gary Anderson Gallery c. 1984 (Apartment Lounge)

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